Mahol Akhshav- Dance Today 41, February 2022


Table of Contents


Editor’s Notes

Creators Write

Summer Snow/ Ella Rothschild

What is Left and what Disappears – About the Creative Process of Inventory / Noa Dar

Giraffes – Every Possible Connection/ Ofra Yehudai, Igor Menshikov and Tchelet Har-Yam



“The course was undoubtedly a significant step towards my career as a dancer: “a course for dance instructors as a catalyst for the professional development of students in high school dance programs/

 Talia Perlstein & Rachel Sagee.

The Speaking Body: An Approach in Contemporary Dance Pedagogy / Sharon Vazanna


Artists Spotlight

 Striking Roots, and Flying: A Conversation with Shaden Abu Elasal/ Hodel Ophir

Three Thoughts: Identity, Creation and Teaching: A Conversation with Tamara Mielnik / Sharon Tourel

To Create and not just to Absorb”:  A Conversation with Dr. Einav Katan-Schmid, for her new role as The Head of the School of Dance, Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and Arts/ Shahar Berkowitz


In Memory

I will dance every day if it my last”/ Nira Paz & Hila Waldman”


New Books

Tekhelet and Crimson by Barry: The Unfolding of Israeli Folklore Costumes for Stage Dancing by Barry Avidan/ Einav Rosenblit


In English

International Exposure 2021 On-Line Edition/ Neta Pulvermacher

If You Can Breathe, You Can Dance” – Interview and Translation from Hebrew to English by Bella Rubin”