Table of Contents Issue no. 39

Editor’s Note

Corona Days – The Choreographers’ Association / Edited by Yael (Yali) Nativ. Texts by: Aharona Israel, Sally Ann-Friedland, Orly Portal, Oren Nahum, Ilanit Tadmor, Dege Feder, Dana Rotenberg, Daniela Shufra, Rachel Bangora, Maayan Libman Sharon, Neta Pulvermacher, Noa Dar, Sahar Azimi, Sharona Florsheim

Bodies Holding Back/ Michal Shahak

We were Like Dreamers: The Situation of the Representative Folklore Dance Troupes / Doron Guetta

The Choreography of Corona in the Public Sphere/ Tzaphira Stern

How I Went from dancer to Tour Guide in One Creation/ Ori Lenkinski

About Blindness – An Intervention in Public Space/ Dana Hirsch Laiser

The Absent Present – A Reflective Journey to Examine the Craft of Rehearsal Directing / Noa Rachel Rosenthal

Interview with Suzanne Dellal Centre’s New Directors/ Roy Bedarshi

Time management, financial management and marketing/ Zachi Cohen

On Movement and Learning / Roni Zohar

Yonat Rothman, The Seed and the Shell: The Story of the Kibbutz Dance Company / Liora Bing-Heidecker

Victoria Phillips, Martha Graham and the Cold War / Ruth Eshel

In Memory of Moshe Efrati / Rina Schenfeld, Ester Nadler, Amnon Damti, Arye Yass, Rama Goren, Tami Luria-Katz

They were Larger than Life: In Memory of the Choreographers Yonatan Karmon and Yoav Ashriel / Gdalit Neuman

Dance the Doctorate and the Laws of physics/ Roni Zohar (In English)

Displaced/Displayed – Surviving Dance in Exile/ Thomas Kampe (In English)

 Suzanne Dellal Centre International Exposure for Dance 2020/ Judith Brin Ingber (In English)

Contents (In English)