Dr. Ruth Eshel





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Shoulder Dancing (2011). A documentary film (52 minutes) about the life project with Ethiopian Jews in Israel

Dance in Israel  –  Academic TV Channel (Each film is 52 minutes and includes extracts from dances and interviews):

Props in Israeli Dance. Ruth  Eshel interviews Rina Schenfeld, Ido Tadmor and Ruth Ziv-Eyal, May 1999.

Gender in Israeli  Dance. Ruth Eshel interviews Nava Zuckerman, Oshra Elkayam-Ronen and Noa Dar, July 1999.

Dance in the Bible. Ruth Eshel interviews Yardena Cohen and Gila Toledano, October 1999.

Vertigo Dance Company. Ruth Eshel interviews Adi Sha`al and Noa Wertheim, October 2000.

Prayers of Beta-Israel. Ruth Eshel interviews Margaret Hayon and Ron Atar,October 2000.

KolDemma Dance Company. Ruth Eshel interviews  choreographer Moshe Efrati, November 2000.

 Mirali Sharon, Ruth Eshel interviews choreographer Mirali Sharon, October 2001.

Talia Paz.  Ruth Eshel interviews dancer Talia Paz, 2002.

Yasmin Goddar. Ruth Eshel interviews choreographer yasimin Goddar, 2002.

Ido Tadmor. An interview with  dancer  and choreographer Ido Tadmor (2003)