Ruth Eshel – C.V

February 2012



Ruth Eshel is a scholar, choreographer, dance critic, editor  and  author.  She was awarded a Ph.D. in philosophy from Tel Aviv University for her thesis, Theater Movement in Israel 1976-1991.  From 1977 to 1986, she choreographed  and danced in recitals in Israel  and abroad performing her own works.  She is the auhtor of  the book Dancing with the Dream – The Development of Artistic Dance in Israel, 1920-1964, dance critic for the daily Ha`aretz and founder editor of the dance journal Dance Today [Mahol Akhshav].  Between 1991 and 2005, she taught dance history and movement composition at the University of Haifa. From 1991 to 1993, she conducted research on the dance of the Ethiopian-Israelis for the Dance Library of Israel.  In 1995, Eshel founded the Eskesta Dance Theater at the University of Haifa and later Beta Dance Troupe in the Neve Yosef community center in Haifa

Professional Studies

 Movement-Theatre in Israel 1976-1991, Ph.d, University of Tel Aviv, 2002.

The History of Artistic Dance in Israel 1920-1948 and its Relation to Theatre.M. A  in Theatre,University of Quebec,Montreal, 1990.

Paris - 1961

B.A  in Humanities, New College of California, 1982.

Qualified  teacher in Benesh Dance Notation, London, 1967.

Royal Academy of Dancing, Major examinations: Elementary and Intermediate (964, 1965).

Classical ballet – student of Madame Olga Morosova  (Paris) and student of Phyllis Bedells

(London),  1964– 1967.

Classical ballet – student of Madam Valentina Archipova-Grossman in Haifa, 1952 – 1962.

Piano studies – Dunya Music Conservatory,Haifa, 1960.

Piano studies – Rubin Academy of Music, student of  composer Haim Alexander, 1961-1962.

Solo Dances Choreographed Specially for Ruth Eshel:

Broken Lines - 1977

Compact Amazona  (1986), choreographed by Eli Dor-Cohen, première in Israel Festival

Shoes (1982), choreographed by Ronit Land

Strings(1981), choreographed by Hedda Oren,  original music composed by Joseph Dorfman.

Moto  Proprio (1978), choreographed by Ronit Land, original musicompsed by Joseph Dorfman.

Broken Lines and Inner and Space (1977) choreographed by Hedda Oren, original music composed by Moshe Kilon.

Scarecrow - 1977

The Scarecrow (1977) choreographed by Ruth Ziv-Ayal, costume design by Avishai Eya.

Image of a Demagogue (1977) choreographed by Rachel Cafri, music by Joseph Mar-Haim.

Dance recitals – Ruth Eshel Dance Theatre (1977 – 1978)

Dancer in Batsheva  2 Dance Company (1967 – 1977)

Soloist in Bert Bacharach`s  musical Rain Drops (1975)

Dancer in musical film Kazablan (1975) directed by Menahem Golan

Soloist dancer in the opera Samson and Delilah (1974) produced by the Israeli Festival.

Soloist at Bimat Harkdanim Dance Company (1970 – 1974), directed by Lia Schubert and Kaj Lotman.

Dances Choreographed by Ruth Eshel 

Moments in Time (1986), four solos dances, props by painter Avraham Ofek,  Israel Festival.

Wool and Iron (1986), original music composed by Tzippi Fleicher, props by Dalia Meiri,  Israel Festival.

Gown on Stones - 1980

Dolls (1984), a full program for two dancers (Ruth Eshel and Ariela Kimhi) and clarinet.

Diapered Branches (1983), a full program, props by Dalia Meiri, original music composed by Joseph Dorfman.

Gown of Stones (1980), creator of  gown: Avraham Ofek, original music composed by  Joseph Dorfman.

Masks (1978), with cooperation with Nira Ne`eman, original music composed by Joseph Dorfman, masks  by Ora Schwartz.

Dreams (1977), Batsheva 2 Dance Company.

Two jazz pieces (1975), The Israel Television program Elem and Alma.

Jazz program Opus 3 (1975), accompanying the Golden Gate Quartet  tour in Israel.

Established and directed the Haifa Chamber Dance Group(1968-1970).

Wool and Iron

Programs for schools (1978-1988)

Dance and Props 

Masks - 1978

Creativity in Dance

Dance and and Music

  Dances Choreographed   by Ruth Eshel for Eskesta (1995-2005) and Beta Dance Troupes (2005 and henceforth)

 Tezi Teza (2008) 

 Celebration (2007)

 What the Shoulders Remember (2006)

 Nefas (2003)

 Opus for Head (2002)

 Opus for Shoulders(2001)

Beta Dance Troupe - What the shoulders Remember - 2005

 Ethiopian National Dances (2000), with Abdu Negash

 Love Duet (2000)

Maharo (1999)

Liturgy (1997)

 Aspirations  (1997)

 Shoulder Dancing (1996)

Teaching Experience

Lecturing the following courses at the University of Haifa  (1991-2005): Movement Composition, Dance in Israel, Concert  Dance in the 20th Century.

Martha Graham technique for dance teachers, 1991- 1993.

Choreography course for dance teachers, MILEB, 1983 – 84.

Guest lecturer at theUniversity of Haifain the Creative Art Dept. Projects combining movement adn props, 1978.

Teaching classical ballet and jazz at the Kibbutz Dance Company and  school at Ga`aton,

1968 –1970.

Teaching modern dance and jazz at Lia  Schubert and Kaj Lotman – Merkaz Hamachol School,Haifa, 1970-1974.

Teaching classical ballet and preparing young students for Royal Academy of Dancing  children examinations, Haifa, 1967–1969.

Assistant  to Madame Archipova-Grossman, classical ballet, Haifa, 1961- 1963.

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